1. What do I do after an accident?
2. Do I need multiple estimates?
3. Am I able to choose the repair facility I like or does the insurance company?
4. Who is responsible for payment to the repair facility?
5. How is a rental car arranged?
6. What if something goes wrong with repairs I had done at One Concept Automotive a few years from now?
7. Do I take any precautionary measures after I pick up my repaired vehicle?

1. Stay as calm as can be. Call the police and get a report, this can only help you later if the accident was caused by the other party. Obtain insurance, drivers license and personal information from other party. (phone number and license plate number, make of vehicle) Take pictures if possible with your phone of the accident scene and vehicles involved. Contact your insurance company immediately. Contact the repair facility of your choice for repairs and if vehicle transportation is needed that can be arranged with them as well. Call or visit repair facility once you have the claim information to approve work to get started.

2. No, a lot of times you hear people say you need 3 estimates but in reality you have the right to take your vehicle to a facility that you trust and your insurance will take care of the rest.

3. It is your right to take your vehicle to whatever repair facility you feel comfortable with. Your insurance company might
recommend a shop to take your car, but ultimately you get to choose where your car goes for repairs.

4. The customer is responsible for any payments to the repair facility after all is completed. You may instruct your insurance
company to make direct payments to the repair facility on your behalf. Usually an initial payment is made for the initial estimate, but after the tear down process additional damages may be present at that time and supplemental payments will be charged at that time.

5. You can arrange for a rental car by yourself or when you drop off your vehicle we can have Enterprise, Avis, or Budget come pick you up at our facility.

6. While we are confident this rarely happens, we back up all of our repairs with a written lifetime warranty. So, whether a week, a month or 7 years go by, we will correct the problem at your convenience with a simple appointment.

7. You should not wax or polish your vehicle for the first 90 days to allow the paint to properly cure. Do not use commercial car washes with brushes or sponges as this may damage the new finish. Avoid driving on gravel roads for at least the first 30 days to avoid chipping, this can be done fairly easily since the paint has not fully cured yet. Rinse bird droppings from paint surface as quickly as possible because it contains acids that can damage a beautiful paint job.